Protection for Life and Property

We help safeguard life and assets with state of the art, proven fire protection strategies and systems, including devices and sensors that notify emergency responders, and trigger suppression systems to reduce risks and to control the spread of fire through your facility.

Our solution is more comprehensive than code. We recommend the right solution for the owner’s performance needs, taking into consideration their financial exposure and the potential risks in the building’s environment.

Our Fire and Life Safety specialists provide prompt, comprehensive engineering solutions for your project. We analyze existing conditions, review documentation and other issues to determine the most cost-effective way to accomplish the needed work.

We apply sound fire protection principles to minimize your exposure to potential fire risks

We are committed to applying principles that vigorously defend your risk of asset loss and, of course, loss of life, through careful analysis of your planned facility, or legacy systems and challenges which are inherent in a renovation project. We design suppression, detection, alarm and communication systems and oversee the construction management of all of the integrated components to prevent a worst-case scenario.

We also provide expert testimony in case of a fire incident to help audit your systems and ensure that your solution meets the legal standards required by all municipalities.

Together with our mechanical and plumbing teams, we provide a comprehensive engineering solution to understand how a potential fire event could potentially impact and flow through your environment, and solutions that will perform well without compromising the design of the facility.

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REX Engineering group is represented by more than 70 team members providing smart, integrated, multidisciplinary MEP and structural engineering solutions to create efficient buildings and empower our clients with the effective use of their capital investments.

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Fire Safety

  • Fire Protection Engineering and Implementation
  • Permit Application Assistance
  • Gaseous Suppression/Clean Agent Systems
  • Preaction Systems
  • Hydraulic Design and Engineering
  • Smoke Management Systems
  • System Capability Analysis
  • Rational Analysis
  • Code compliance
  • Value Engineering
  • Permit Requirements