Sustainable design and analysis to maximize capital investments

REX Engineering’s energy consulting team assist owners and architects through sustainable design to achieve energy conservation goals. Our objective is to design operationally-efficient facilities, with the least environmental impact, to achieve financial, sustainability, and LEED performance goals.

Our professional energy consulting team integrates a professional team of MEP consultants and licensed – LEED accredited engineers who have extensive experience helping decision makers with insights about how to reach energy saving goals and plan capital investments before construction even begins.

Driving the highest environmental value at minimum cost

Energy Modeling

The inputs required to evaluate a building’s performance include information about the occupants, controls, solar profiles, usage hours, and systems designed to operate the facility. Though energy modeling, we help predict a building’s energy performance and then optimize the design process by comparing various building envelopes, systems, and design alternatives.

This valuable cost-benefit analysis guides strategies to achieve energy conservation goals and optimize lifecycle costs.

Commissioning Services

Our engineering team works for the owner as an independent third party to verify, as early as the design phase, that planned systems will meet the owner’s requirements, design intent, and industry performance standards. We will also evaluate and verify that existing systems are performing in accordance with industry standards and are optimized to consume the least amount of energy.

Ready For Your Next Project

REX Engineering group is represented by more than 70 team members providing smart, integrated, multidisciplinary MEP and structural engineering solutions to create efficient buildings and empower our clients with the effective use of their capital investments.

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