Engineering for Transportation Projects

We work hand-in-hand with the architecture and civil engineering team on transportation projects by engineering structural solutions for canopies and buildings as well as designing the utility lines.  

We understand the importance of both quality engineering and timeliness with transportation projects to keep them on track and to provide value to both the users and the taxpayers.

Our Transportation Engineering Experience

Structural Engineering

Working with both the design and build teams, we engineer constructable solutions for the architect’s unique designs

MEP Engineering

Transportation projects require highly efficient solutions for their HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems

Connection Engineering

We can engineer the details, combining form with function for stairs, glass, panels, and specialty structures
Aerial shot of Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco, USA.

Transportation structures require creative thinking and solid engineering solutions because of their high volume of usage for extended hours of the day, some even run 24/7.

If you’re designing a transportation project, let’s talk about how we can add additional value to your team.  

World Class Expertise

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