Specialty Engineering

If you have a great, unique idea and not sure how it’s even possible to build – we want to talk because we love these types of challenging projects.

We’ve engineered solutions for a number of unique and challenging projects.

Our Experience with Specialty Projects:

Structural Engineering

We thoroughly enjoy working with the architect (or artist) to engineer solutions to make their design a reality

Connection Engineering

We design how each steel, timber, or glass connection connects to each other to ensure structural integrity and constructability

Construction Engineering

We can help with the constructability of the project, including temporary shoring and bracing solutions and crane logistics

As you can see, we love a good challenge, especially when other engineers won’t touch the project. We don’t shy away from “unconstructable” projects, we embrace them. We can also tap our teammates at REX Construction Services for additional ideas about constructability, even if they’re not the builder on the projects – that’s a unique value-add we offer.

We want to talk about your specialty project and engineer a solid solution to make it a reality.

Engineering Simple Solutions
Building Strong Relationships

We believe building strong relationships is just as important as the technical work we do. 

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