Residential Engineering

Regardless if single or multi-family, solid engineering for residential projects is significant because people call these spaces home.

We’ve engineered structural and MEP solutions for dozens of residential projects including some of Los Angeles’ most luxurious home, Chicago apartments, and senior living communities in Florida.

Our Residential Engineering Experience:

Structural Engineering

Nothing should make someone feel safer than the roof over their head, which requires a strong structure

MEP Engineering

When it is someone’s home, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems run 24/7, requiring quality solutions

Construction Engineering

We can help with the constructability of a residential project, including temporary shoring and bracing solutions and crane logistics

Regardless of the size or value of the residential property, you need a good structural and MEP engineer to ensure the structure is sound and the utilities work properly. We work with property owners, real estate developers, architects, and contractors to design the right solution for the property’s needs and budget.

Starting a new residential construction project? Let’s discuss ways to improve your property with engineering solutions combine function with value.

Engineering Simple Solutions
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