Mixed Use


Engineering for Mixed Use

Mixed use properties are inherently challenging because of the complexities having a single property with multiple uses. Additionally, most urban mixed use projects are renovations to historical buildings, which adds more complexity, especially when the building is occupied during construction.

Structural Engineering

We work with the architect and owner to engineer solutions that carry out their design and needs for the space

MEP Engineering

Whether exposed or not, efficient designs for HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems are vital for multi-tenant buildings

Connection Engineering

We can engineer solutions to enhance the design and functionality of stairs, glass, panels, and more

Utilizing multiple uses in a building allow both urban renovation and ground up suburban projects to be profitable for real estate developers and owners. These projects bring decaying structures back to life in America’s downtowns while efficiently utilizing land in suburban communities.

If you’re developing or designing a mixed use project, let’s chat about your plans and discuss ways to maximize both the value and design of the property.

World Class Expertise

We have a diverse team of experienced engineers and professionals with work spanning the globe.

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