Roosevelt hotel in a heart of Hollywood California

Hospitality Engineering

Hospitality properties are a home away from home from their customers, whether it’s a high-end hotel chain, commercial kitchen, or a quaint inn.

We’ve engineered solutions for numerous downtown high-rise hotels and suburban motels, each with unique challenges including aggressive construction deadlines and, in some cases, engineering solutions for renovations while the property is occupied.

Our Hospitality Engineering Experience:

Structural Engineering

Whether a new build or renovation, we can engineer solutions to carry out the architect’s designs and the client’s needs

MEP Engineering

Although our work is often hidden behind the walls, good design for HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems are vital for multi-tenant properties

Connection Engineering

We can help engineer solutions to meet hotel brand standards for stairs, glass, panels, and specialty structures
Engineering hospitality projects may appear easier than other market sectors because of the repetition of a multi-tenant building, but as anyone who has worked in this space knows, hospitality projects are complex, and we thrive on that. We strive to make simple, elegant solutions to complex challenges. If you’re developing or renovating a hospitality project, we’d love to talk with you about it and see if we can offer you valuable recommendations from our years of experience.

World Class Expertise

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