Athletic, Civic, & Cultural


Engineering for Athletic, Civic, & Cultural

Most athletic, civic, and cultural projects are high profile, regardless of their size or use. We understand and embrace the need for quality engineering on these projects because we’re working with tax dollars or money donated for a cause.

Our experience with these types of projects runs the gamut of being the structural engineer of record, designing the MEP systems, developing plans for temporary bracing, and even engineering the utility stairs for a massive stadium.

Our Experience with Athletic, Civic, & Cultural Projects:

Structural Engineering

We work with the design and build team to engineer constructable solutions to create unique designs

MEP Engineering

Regardless of the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems are exposed or hidden behind walls, public facing buildings require highly efficient MEP designs

Connection Engineering

We can engineer solutions to enhance the design and functionality of stairs, glass, panels, and specialty structures

Most athletic, civic, and cultural projects have a unique design that reflects the theme of the building or pushes the boundaries of constructability. We love teaming with these talented architects to help them carry out their vision, matching form with function.

If you’re developing or designing an athletic, civic, or cultural project, we’d love to talk about joining your team so we can provide additional insight and value.

We're ONE Team

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