Today, on September 1st, we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of REX, the organization that founded the REX brand. The REX brand began as one entity – RexConn Design.

Since its inception, we have established multiple brand entities into three businesses – REX Engineering GroupREX Construction Services, and REX Technology Solutions, which together form Before the end of the year, RexConn Design will merge into the REX Engineering Group brand to showcase our expanded expertise and offerings.

As part of our 10+ anniversary, we celebrate REX’s founding by Steven Uecke in 2011 as RexConn Design, which primarily focuses on connections and construction engineering.

We say it’s our 10+ anniversary because, over the years, REX Engineering Group expanded its offerings to include MEP engineering via the acquisition of a 30+ year old Los Angeles firm in 2018, and key hires of industry leaders in structural engineering in 2020, including our principal James (Jim) Pawlikowski. We are excited to rebrand RexConn Design as REX Engineering Group to highlight our expanded expertise and offerings.

We celebrate this anniversary with our sister companies, REX Construction Services and REX Technology Solutions, each with roots dating back 10+ years.

Finally, we introduce you to, the parent brand that unites these three interconnected companies. Together, we share our philosophy of ONE team:

  • We’re ONE team, across the REX companies, with our clients, project partners and subcontractors, and with our community. We win together with the philosophy that “a rising tide lifts all boats”.
  • At REX, we encourage our team members to look for ways to be more efficient with time, materials, and money by utilizing technology, improving processes, and questioning the status quo.

Join us in celebrating 10+ years of REX as we continue to grow for many more decades as one team, the team.

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