This year’s Fall Issue of the University of Illinois School of Architecture’s biannual magazine, Ricker Report, takes aim at the role of the structural engineer not only within the AEC industry, but within society as a whole. The magazine shines a spotlight on the structures that make up our world today, and accurately deems the professionals who create them as the “designers of tomorrow.”

This issue in particular highlights a handful of experts paving the way for the structural engineering field. REX is proud to say that our very own Principal & Director of Engineering, James (Jim) Pawlikowski, is among these highlighted structural experts. In his detailed feature, Jim tackles a vast array of topics including…

  • Balancing the elements of architecture, structural engineering, sustainability, and function within the design of a superstructure
  • Managing the uncertain behavior of materials and structural systems within a superstructure
  • Lessons learned from unconventional projects
  • How structural engineering informs architecture and urban planning
  • The future of structural engineering
  • A message to aspiring architects, structural engineers, and professionals alike

To explore Jim’s views on balanced building and informed structural design, be sure to read his feature here. For more prospects on the future of our world’s structures, view the full Ricker Report here.

An 8-Page Article All About Jim

Discover more about REX’s new Director of Engineering, including his thoughts on upcoming trends within the realm of structural design.VIEW JIM’S FEATURE

Fall 2020 Ricker Report

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